Business permits and regulations

If you're looking to run a business or undertake promotional activities in Stonnington you may need to obtain a permit or approval first. 

If you need help with permit requirements please email: or call 8290 1333

Outdoor trading

Footpath trading permit

The City of Stonnington requires businesses to apply for an annual footpath trading permit when a public footpath and Council land is being used for a commercial purpose, such as:

  • outdoor dining with tables and chairs 
  • display an advertising board
  • display goods
  • night club queue
  • display a real estate agent pointer board
  • extended outdoor dining with tables and chairs.

To continue to support businesses, Council is introducing a new fee structure and the payment of upfront fees for all Footpath Trading Permits.

View new Footpath Trading Fee Structure Framework(PDF, 300KB).

How to apply

You can apply and pay for an annual footpath trading permit online.

Apply now

Please note: A non-refundable application fee is required before an application will be assessed.

Permit fees

Footpath trading and local law permit types   Fee

Dining on footpath Busy area* fee

Frontage size

Small (up to 4 metres)

Medium (4-8 metres)

Large (8 metres plus)






Dining on footpath Other area fee

Frontage size

Small (up to 4 metres)

Medium (4-8 metres)

Large (8 metres plus)






Goods on footpath Busy area* fee

Frontage size

Small (up to 4 metres)

Medium (4-8 metres)

Large (8 metres plus)






Goods on footpath Other area fee

Frontage size

Small (up to 4 metres)

Medium (4-8 metres)

Large (8 metres plus)






Advertising board

 Fee per board/annum



Real estate agents pointer boards

 Fee for maximum 10 boards/annum

  • auctions or inspections




Night club queues

Fee per queue/annum



Application fee  $70 
Local law booklet  $20

*Chapel Street, Commercial Road, Greville Street, High Street (Punt Road to Bangs Street and Northcote Road to Spring Road), Toorak Road (Punt Road to Grange Road), Malvern Road (Chapel Street to Mathoura Road), Glenferrie Road (Dandenong Avenue to Drysdale Street) and Wattletree Road (Duncraig Avenue to Drysdale Street)

Permit renewals

After a 2-year period of fee free permits, Council will send you an invoice in January 2022, and will recommence the issuing of renewal fees (pro-rata from 1 January 2022) to 30 June 2022, for Footpath Trading permits.

Once payment is made you will receive your permit sticker in the mail. You will receive an invoice each year to renew your Footpath Trading permit, with payments due 1 July.

Changing ownership

If the business changes ownership, all current footpath trading permits will be invalid. Permits are not transferrable and the new business owner must make an application prior to using the footpath to conduct trading activities.

Specific permit conditions

Footpath dining conditions

  1. Current permit sticker must be displayed on the front window of the approved premises at all times.
  2. Footpath dining is permitted in all approved areas of Stonnington.
  3. Permits are only approved to registered food premises businesses.
  4. Fixed footpath dining furniture and barriers are not permitted
  5. A gap of one (1) metre must be left between abutting Trading Zones (Access Zone); this is a clearance of 500 millimetres to be maintained at both ends of a property boundary to allow for access to the Pedestrian Zone.
  6. A pedestrian zone of a minimum of 1.50 metres must remain clear and free from obstruction at all times for the use of pedestrians.
  7. A kerb zone of a minimum of 300mm must remain clear and free from obstruction, to allow access to and from parked vehicles.

Extended Footpath Trading Permits (neighbouring footpath only)

A business may apply for an Extended Outdoor Dining Permit by completing the section Extended Outdoor Dining Application, and will be required to provide their current footpath trading permit number and pay the additional fee applicable depending on the size of the proposed neighbouring frontage.

  1. An application can be made to occupy up to two (2) adjacent neighbouring properties, in front of adjoining or consecutive shop fronts. The business applying for the extended dining permit must submit a ‘Letter of Consent’ signed by the owner, body corporate and/or occupier of the adjacent premises. If the neighbouring business is sold, a new letter of consent must be submitted to Council by the Permit holder.
  2. In the event of withdrawal of a neighbouring properties consent, the permit will be cancelled.

Advertising board conditions

  1. Current permit sticker must be displayed on the front window of the approved premises at all times.
  2. The board must be no larger than one metre high and 750mm wide.
  3. The board must be placed a minimum 300mm from the back of the kerb within the trading zone (to allow for safe pedestrian and vehicle access).
  4. The board must only advertise the business or service provided by the premises to which it relates.
  5. Boards are not permitted on a street corner, they are only to be placed on the kerbside directly in front of the approved premises.
  6. Before a new permit or extension to an existing permit will be considered, where the premises contains more than one business or service, written permission from the business / property / Body Corporate must be provided to Council.
  7. Only one advertising sign per business of any type is permitted on the footpath.

Advertising boards are not permitted for traders located above the ground floor. 

Goods displayed on the footpath conditions

  1. Current permit sticker must be displayed on the front window of the approved premises at all times.
  2. A pedestrian zone of a minimum of 1.50metres must remain clear and free from obstruction at all times for the use of pedestrians.
  3. A kerb zone of a minimum of 300mm must remain clear and free from obstruction, to allow access to and from parked vehicles.

The display of whitegoods is prohibited within the City of Stonnington. 

Night club queuing and 'roped off' areas for licensed venues conditions

  1. Current permit sticker must be displayed on the front window of the approved premises at all times.
  2. It is the permit holder’s responsibility to ensure the safe management of patrons queuing at venues.
  3. Licensed premises queue permits will not be issued adjacent to any outdoor dining areas.
  4. Queuing and 'roped off' areas shall only occur adjacent to building line, with unimpeded access of pedestrians to be maintained at all times.
  5. Queuing of patrons must not obstruct or impede the Pedestrian access on the footpath and must be supervised and maintained to ensure patrons and other passing pedestrian traffic is not forced from the footpath onto the road carriageway.

Real estate agent pointer boards conditions

  1. Real estate agents may be granted a permit for signs (pointer boards) to be placed on the nature strip at or near a property for which the agent is acting.
  2. No sign may be placed on the road, on any roundabout, traffic island or garden bed, or where it creates any hazard to pedestrian or vehicle safety.
  3. One permit allows up to 10 signs to be used at any one time.
  4. Signs are only to be placed within two hours of the activity they are advertising and removed within two hours after the activity has ceased.
  5. Corflute style pointer boards or similar must not to be attached to any Council-owned assets.

Roadside dining

Stonnington’s roadside dining program will support local businesses this summer by remaining fee free for the period 1 November 2021 to 30 April 2022. Fees for the program will commence on May 2022.

One of two types of roadside dining permits may be applied for:

  • Summer Roadside Dining permit to establish a parklet for 6 months.
  • 365 Roadside Dining permit to establish a year-round parklet.

The deadline to apply for a Summer Roadside Dining permit is 31 December 2021. Participants in the 2021 to 2022 Summer Roadside Dining program will require a new application each year.

365 Roadside Dining permit holders will have the option to renew their permit annually. You can continue to submit applications after 31 December 2021.

The term 'parklet' refers to a re-purposed car space/s converted for roadside dining, for exclusive use by a business.

Find more information in our Roadside Dining Handbook(PDF, 807KB).


  • A parklet can occupy at least one existing car parking space, or area within a roadway where there is an existing intermittent closure.
  • The parklet must be at the front or side of an applicant’s business. An applicant may also request to occupy car space/s in front of neighbouring premises. A business may not apply for a parklet on the opposite side of the street. To apply for a parklet the business must operate at least 5 days per week.
  • A parklet will not be permitted in the following locations:
    • streets where the speed limit exceeds 50 km/h
    • car parking spaces with blue restrictions (such as accessible parking spaces), red zones (such as No Stopping areas, Loading Zones, Truck Zones, Taxi Zones, Mail Zones) or green parking restrictions less than 1 hour
    • areas obstructing access for deliveries, essential and emergency vehicle access, access to commercial carparks and residential building carparks
    • fire hydrants
    • bus zones or adjacent to tram stops.
    • clearways/tow-away zones
    • protected cycle lanes
    • where a 3 metre width for through traffic cannot be maintained
    • within 1 metre of a fire hydrant or 3 metres from a post box
    • Within 2 metres of a Yarra trams pole
    • in car spaces where Council deems it unsafe for the public.
  • There may be additional access requirements for parklets proposed in car space/(s) which contain service pit lids, utility access panels or storm drains.

To apply for a permit please read the Roadside dining framework(PDF, 1MB)  first to understand the conditions and what relevant documents you need. 



Business permits

Busking permit

To perform as a busker in the City of Stonnington you must first obtain a busking permit. A busker provides street entertainment for passers-by and does not charge a set fee.

Buskers are musical performers, singers, comedians, theatrical and performance artists.

Tarot readers, fortune tellers and sketch artists are not buskers - these activities are considered hawkers and are not permitted in the City of Stonnington.

Permit period and fee

Permits are issued for a a six month period with a fee of $55.

 You must renew your permit annually to ensure your permit is valid.

How to apply

Apply online through eServices

Or complete the Busking permit application(PDF, 140KB) form.

Permit conditions

  1. Busking groups of more than six people is not permitted without special approval.
  2. The permit holder must ensure they hold a current City of Stonnington busking permit.
  3. Busking in front of or around town halls and other Council buildings is generally not permitted during business hours.
  4. No amplified music or percussion type instruments are permitted.
  5. Busking is allowed between the hours 7am to 11pm only.
  6. Children aged under 13 years must be accompanied by a person aged over 16 years, and have with them written permission from their parent or guardian.

For full conditions please refer to the Busking Permit application conditions(PDF, 140KB).

Domestic animal business permit

Under the Domestic Animals Act 1994, all domestic animal related businesses must be registered with the local government authority. 

Businesses that require a permit are those that involve buying, selling, rearing, training or boarding domestic animals. 

How to apply 

You can apply and pay for the permit online. 

Apply now

Please note: Operating contrary to the conditions of the permit may lead to withdrawal or cancellation of a current or future permit.

Permit renewal

Domestic animal business permits are renewed annually, in April.

Government Codes of Practice

Domestic pet and animal-related businesses must comply with the Victorian Government's animal-specific codes of practice, and we inspect businesses each year to ensure they do. 

See what your responsibilities are on the Victorian Government's Agriculture website.

For information or advice email our Animal Management Unit at or call us at 8290 1333 Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 5 pm.

Event permit

If you're planning a festival, event or celebration on Council-owned land such as in a park, garden or open space you will need an event permit.

An event permit is also needed if the planned activity is happening on a footpath or requires a road closure, with the exception of neighbourhood street parties, street sampling, fundraising and busking. 

COVIDSafe events

As Victoria opens up, public events are returning across the state. To make sure they are safe for attendees, the Victorian Government has developed a COVID-19 Public Events Framework to guide event organisers and venues in developing COVIDSafe events. 

Your event must comply with the Victorian Government's COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions, and social distancing and hygiene measures for workplaces, the community and at events. Please check the COVIDSafe settings in place at the time of your event.

You must also register your event with DHHS and submit a COVIDSafe Plan. You must supply us with your DHHS approved registration and COVIDSafe Plan prior to your event commencing.

Your COVIDSafe Plan must include the following:

  • event details: event name, contact details of key event personnel, description, date, start and end times, running order, website links and any previous experience that the event organiser has had keeping to COVIDSafe event standards
  • running order
  • venue/site details, including venue/site name, size, and capacity; access management arrangements; number of staff, sub-contractors and volunteers on site
  • site map which must include:
    • clear labels of the zoning for installation and activity areas
    • fencing (if the event is in an open public space)
    • a separate map for indoor and outdoor spaces
    • entry and exit points for patrons
    • flow and movement of patrons (if applicable)
    • emergency assembly areas
    • location of first aid and the isolation facility and
    • sanitisation areas
  • attendance details including attendee demographics, alcohol consumption and previous year’s attendance numbers (if relevant)
  • explanation of how COVIDSafe event will be addressed relevant to public transport hubs, car parks, ventilation of indoor spaces, food and beverage preparation and service areas, stages and any other areas that encourage congregation and co-mingling.

How to apply

Important: If you're planning an event in one of our parks you must complete a park booking before submitting your event permit application.

  1. Complete an Event permit application(PDF, 648KB) (fees apply).
  2. Submit your application with all supporting documents:
Email Festival and Events team 

City of Stonnington
Attn: Festivals and Events
PO Box 58, Malvern VIC 3144

Application timelines

To allow enough time to assess, approve and process your event permit please adhere to the following timelines:

  • Applications for community, trader and commercial events must be submitted a minimum 60 days before the event.
  • Applications for major events and festivals must be submitted a minimum 120 days before the event. 

Supporting information

For information about staging events in Stonnington see our Event Guidelines(PDF, 4MB).

If you have any questions or need help completing your Event permit application email our Festival and Events team or call 8290 1333.

Film permit

If you want to film in the City of Stonnington you will need to obtain a film permit first. You will need a permit if you plan to film for a movie, television, music videos, student films or still photography.

To find out how to organise a film permit contact our Customer Services team or call 8290 1333.

How to apply

  1. Complete a film permit application(PDF, 21KB) (fees apply).
  2. Email your application and supporting documents to our Festivals and Events team. 

To allow enough time to process your application, please lodge your film permit application at least 10 days before you plan to film.

Please note: the scale and extent of your filming project may mean additional documentation and permits are required, such as parking permits and/or a traffic management plan. These requirements will be discussed with you on receipt of your application.

Fundraising, street sampling and promotional activities permit

To carry out promotional activities, street sampling or fundraising in the City of Stonnington you must first obtain a permit. 

The permit covers activities such as tin shakes, intersection collections, street appeals/fundraising (charitable gifts of money, subscriptions, deduction agreements, raffles), street stalls for charitable sales, and promotions (handing out flyers, membership promotions, product sampling).

How to apply

Please note: There is no fee for a fundraising, street sampling and promotional activities permit.

  1. Complete a fundraising and promotional activities(PDF, 839KB) application.
  2. Submit your application:
 Email Footpath Trading team 
 Post City of Stonnington
Attn: Building and Local Laws
PO Box 58, Malvern VIC 3144

To allow enough time to process the permit please submit your application a minimum 14 days before the planned activity. 

Permit conditions

  1. If a permit is granted for fundraising in the Chapel Street Precinct, these activities will be restricted to outside the Prahran Town Hall, in Chapel Street, Prahran.
  2. If a permit is granted for the Glenferrie Road, Malvern, shopping precinct, street fundraising may only occur at the intersection of Glenferrie Road and Winter Street.
  3. All fundraising permits are restricted to four hour activity periods, either 9am to 1pm or 1pm to 5pm.
  4. Street sampling, promotional activities and fundraising are prohibited within Stonnington unless a current permit has been issued. Applications to conduct these activities will only be considered upon receipt of the application form.
  5. Street sampling, promotional activities, fundraising and giveaways may be granted a permit under specific conditions. Activities may be limited to specific locations with specific conditions relating to the activity. These conditions and restrictions will have regard to the potential for commercial conflict with existing traders.
  6. The conducting of any street sampling, promotional and fundraising activities within Stonnington during the month of December is prohibited.
  7. The total number of days that any one company may conduct street sampling, promotional activities and fundraising within Stonnington is five activity periods per application. The maximum number of applications per year is two (annual total of 10 activity periods).
  8. A minimum of 14 days ‘Notice of application for permit’ is required. Applications will not be considered for any proposed periods if more than 6 months prior to the proposed date of the street sampling/promotional activities and fundraising.
  9. While conducting street sampling/promotional activities and fundraising, all staff must carry and display a copy of the permit with them at all times.
  10. All or any staff must comply with any direction given by an Authorised Officer of Council or a member of Victoria Police.
  11. No street sales may be conducted within nine metres of an intersection, pedestrian crossing or tram or bus stop, or within 18 metres of a school crossing or where the location of a stall may cause undue obstruction to pedestrians.
  12. Requests for setting up a table, stand, stall, trestle or similar will only be considered if public liability insurance cover for a minimum of $20 million is shown to exist, indicating the City of Stonnington as an interested party.
  13. The location of stalls and tables shall be at the discretion of Council.
  14. The permissible area of footway to be used for the conduct of a stall will be determined by Council. The footpath is not to be obstructed and a clear walking space of 1.8m (measured from the building line) must be maintained at all times.
  15. No street sampling/promotional activities and fundraising may be conducted unless the trader in front of whose shop the activity is proposed (where approved) has given his/her consent. Permit holders or their agents are to immediately relocate their position in the street if the trader whose shop they are operating in front of requests them to move.
  16. Any request for a permit to conduct street sampling/promotional activities and fundraising will be considered on the grounds of availability of dates and times.
  17. All street sampling/promotional activities and fundraising of any nature must be undertaken using passive methods only.
  18. The use of intimidating, confronting or aggressive methods are prohibited and any permit holder found breaching this condition will have their permit revoked and may affect future applications.
  19. Council reserves the right to give preference to Stonnington-based organisations.

While there is no requirement to notify us of door knocks conducted on private property, we request notification of proposed door knock campaigns in order to coordinate the number of fundraising activities occurring at one time, to avoid any potential for conflict between activities.

Applicants are reminded of their obligations under the Fundraising Appeals Act 1998 as applicable and the need for collectors to wear appropriate identification at all times.

Licensed premises permit

There are specific Victoria-wide requirements for running businesses that serve alcohol.

Planning approval

You must obtain planning approval, for a business where alcohol is sold or consumed, when any of the following apply:

  • A licence is required under the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998
  • The permitted hours of trading are to be extended
  • The permitted number of patrons is to be increased
  • The area where liquor is permitted to be consumed or supplied is to be increased

How to apply

Submit your application for planning approval online (fees apply).

Apply now

Your application will need to include the following:

  • A copy of title and relevant lot plan (available from the Landata website)
  • Proposed hours of operation and patron numbers
  • The nature and location of uses surrounding the site
  • The number of on site car parking spaces
  • The red-line plan (the area proposed to serve alcohol). The plan should include a layout of the site showing the seating areas, key fixtures and fittings and proposed maximum patron numbers
  • A noise amenity and action plan, identifying noise sources and details of any music to be played at the venue
  • An assessment by a registered building surveyor detailing the patron capacity of the licensed premise

Supporting documents

For more information see the Stonnington Planning Scheme Licensed Premises Policy(PDF, 851KB)

Stonnington Liquor Accord 

The Stonnington Liquor Accord is a group of licensed premises business owners/operator who share a common aim to:

  • Encourage and implement best practice in the management of licensed premises and the immediate external environment.
  • Promote responsible standards of behaviour to maximise the safety of everyone in and around out City.
  • Maintain high operational standards to ensure patrons enjoy their experience.
  • Provide training opportunities and pilot programs to ensure best practice.

Membership to the group is free and is open to all Stonnington businesses who hold a liquor license.

The Stonnington Liquor Accord meets quarterly with representatives from Council, Victoria Police and the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation to discuss current issues.

The Accord also runs member training programs on:

  1. Emergency management
  2. Advanced RSA
  3. Conflict resolution
  4. Mental health first aid

If you would like to know more or become a member email the Liquor Accord or call 8290 1333.

Personal training permit

Are you a personal trainer looking to start up or expand your business to Stonnington?

Council has implemented a permit system to facilitate personal training and commercial fitness activities in municipal parks and reserves. Personal training allocations are made every six months in accordance with the sporting seasons:

  • Summer -1 October to 31 March
  • Winter -1 April to 30 September

To obtain a permit, complete the Personal Training Application Form(PDF, 344KB) and submit it to Council with the following documents:

  • Certificate of currency for public liability insurance of over $10 million
  • Risk management plan
  • Evidence of registration with Fitness Australia or another recognised peak body or educational institution

No fee is charged for personal training permits.

Please ensure you have thoroughly read and understood the Terms and Conditions(PDF, 341KB) for personal training in Stonnington before submitting an application.

Applications are assessed against a set criteria including existing use/s of the nominated park, potential amenity issues arising from increased use and the physical condition of the park proposed for training.

Upon assessment we may:

  • Approve the application and issue a permit
  • Issue a limited permit with restrictions on the number and types of activities, group size, and the time and location of activities
  • Choose not to approve a permit

Please allow up to seven days for notification of the outcome.

For enquiries please email

Planning permit for business

If you have a business, you may need to apply for a planning permit if you plan to:

  • Carry out building works
  • Display advertising signage
  • Increase operating hours 
  • Reduce the number of parking spaces
  • Change the use of the building

The requirement for planning approval is based on the zoning of the land, and specific planning controls on how the land can be used.

How to apply

Submit your application for planning approval online (fees apply).

Apply now

Your application will need to include the following:

  • A copy of title and relevant lot plan (available from the Landata website)
  • A description of the proposal
  • Floor plans of the existing and proposed layout of the site, including any proposed external building and works and signage
  • Elevations of any proposed external building and works and signage

A member of our Planning Services team will contact you within 28 days of receipt of your application.

Supporting information

Heritage Design Guidelines(PDF, 6MB)

Stonnington Planning Scheme Advertising Policy(PDF, 836KB)

Business Permit Application Guidelines(PDF, 462KB)

View the Victorian Heritage Database

For help with your application email our Business Concierge team or call 8290 3222.

Temporary food business permit

If you're planning to sell or serve food at a community event, festival, market or fete, or hold a sausage sizzle you must obtain a permit first.

Applications can be submitted online via the Streatrader website.

Apply now

Fee exemptions apply for non-profit organisations, community groups and registered food businesses

Please note: Registered food businesses must provide a copy of their current Certificate of Registration (under the Food Act 1984), with their application.

Supporting information 

Street stall permits - Cooking on a public footpath, without prior approval, is strictly prohibited. To enquire, please contact our Local Laws team on 8290 1333.

Event permits - If you are planning an event you may need an event permit. To enquire, please contact our Festivals and Events team on 8290 1333

For more information or assistance email our Environmental Health team or call 8290 1333.



Industry specific regulations

Accommodation business regulations

If you're planning to open an accommodation or rooming house business, you need to obtain approval first.

How to apply

  1. Submit an Application for Plans Approval(PDF, 83KB) with two copies of the floor plan, and Application to Register Prescribed Accommodation(PDF, 228KB).
  2. Email our Building Services team or call 8290 1333 to check the building meets fire safety and disability standards.
  3. Email our Planning Services team or call 8290 1333 to check requirements for change of use, signage and car parking.
  4. Visit the Consumer Affairs Victoria website to check residential tenancy standards requirements.

Supporting documents

Operating a rooming house(PDF, 163KB)

For more information or advice email our Environmental Health team or call 8290 1333

Beauty or body art business regulations

Under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008, all beauty or body art businesses must be approved and registered by the local government authority. 

Registration is required for businesses who offer the following services:

  • Ear piercing
  • Body piercing
  • Tattooing
  • Colonic irrigation
  • Manicure/pedicure
  • Waxing/threading
  • Electrolysis
  • Acupuncture 
  • Skin beauty treatments (facials, laser treatment, dermabrasion, dry needling, foot spa, cosmetic tattooing)
  • Hairdressing
  • Wigs/hair extensions
  • Beauty services (make up, spray tan, eyebrow/eyelash tinting, eyelash extensions)

Starting a new business

If you're planning  to build or fit out a beauty or body art business please refer to our Construction Guidelines for Health premises(PDF, 430KB)

  1. Before starting a beauty or body art business you must complete an Application for Plans Approval for Health Premises(PDF, 83KB) and an Application to Register Health Premises(PDF, 52KB) (fees apply).
  2. Upon receipt of your application, an Environment Health Officer will inspect the premises and, if deemed satisfactory, a Certificate of Registration will be issued.
  3. When you receive the Certificate of Registration your business can open.

Buying an existing business

If buying an existing business you must complete an Application to Transfer Registration - Health Premises(PDF, 58KB).

For more information and advice email our Environmental Health team or call 8290 1333

COVID-19 restrictions eased - what you need to know

On 1 June 2020, the Victorian Government eased COVID-19 restrictions - to allow beauty therapy, tanning, waxing, nail salons, spas, tattoo parlours and massage parlours to open with up to 20 patrons.

See Business Victoria’s Beauty and Personal Care Facility Guidelines for coronavirus (COVID-19) for important information to support your business safely resume operations. These guidelines include links to templates for mandatory signage and mechanisms to keep a record of customers.

For the latest COVID-19 information and advice visit the Victorian Government’s Department of Health and Human Services and the Australian Government’s Department of Health.

Visit our Business resources during COVID-19 page for other support opportunities.

Food business regulations

All businesses that prepare, store or handle food for sale, must be registered with Council and comply with the Food Act 1984 and Food Standards Code.

Starting a new business

Please refer to our guide on starting a new food business(PDF, 38KB). If you're planning to build or fit out a food premises please refer to our Construction Guidelines for Food Premises(PDF, 527KB).

  1. Before starting a new food business you need to complete an Application for Plans Approval(PDF, 76KB) and Application to Register Food Premises(PDF, 237KB).
  2. The Application for Plans Approval form requires upfront payment, which you can make over the phone at 8290 1333 or over the counter at our Customer Service centres.
  3. Return your forms via email at or over the counter at our Customer Service centres.
  4. Upon receipt of your application, an Environment Health Officer will inspect the premises and, if deemed satisfactory, a Certificate of Registration will be issued.
  5. When you receive the Certificate of Registration your food business can open.

Buying an existing business

If buying an existing food business you need to obtain a Property enquiry report(PDF, 896KB) (fees apply) and complete an Application for Transfer Food Business Registration(PDF, 228KB).

FoodSafe Program

We run a free Stonnington FoodSafe Program to encourage local businesses to maintain the highest standard in food safety and hygiene.

FoodSafe assessments occur as part of your annual inspection, when an Environmental Health officer will assess your food business based on compliance with the Food Standards Code and Food Act 1984.

To be recognised as FoodSafe, a business must:

  • be a Class 1 or 2 food premises within the City of Stonnington
  • achieve a rating of 91% or above in the Stonnington FoodSafe assessment
  • have no critical food safety issues identified during the inspection
  • provide the name and qualification (certificate) of their Food Safety Supervisor
  • have had no failed food samples or justified serious complaints in the preceding 12 months

For more information about our FoodSafe program email our Environmental Health team or call 8290 1333.