Go Full Circle business program

Many businesses worldwide struggle to deal with waste and recycling. That’s why Council are bringing you the Go Full Circle program.

The program will help you improve how you design, use and recycle materials and reduce waste by shifting to a circular economy.

What is a circular economy?

A circular economy is where we design for durability, reuse, re-manufacturing and recycling - keeping products and materials circulating in the economy. It allows us to design out waste and pollution by placing greater value on the resources used to make goods and deliver services.

It is a systems-based approach, recognising that everything is connected, and if we look at the bigger picture and the detail, we can design and leverage a better system.

Every business can use the circular economy to drive stronger financial, environmental and social outcomes for their business and customers. The Go Full Circle business program will show you how.

Get involved in the program

City of Stonnington is inviting small businesses within the city to participate in the free training program. You'll learn all about:

  • the circular economy
  • how an effective circular economy can have a positive impact on your business as well as our environment
  • how to include circular economy methods and principles into everyday operations.

To get involved, you'll need to be both the following:

  • business owners or staff of a small to medium business located within the City of Stonnington
  • operating in the Hospitality and Retail industries.

Program sessions

We've partnered with the City of Melbourne and City of Boroondara to host the 8-week program over four interactive online sessions and one-on-one consultations.  

What you'll learn

You will build in-house skills to identify new business opportunities that consider environmental responsibilities and improve business performance.

You'll learn about:

  • reducing costs
  • attracting more customers
  • increasing customer spend
  • identifying new revenue streams
  • improving supply chain resilience
  • reducing waste.

The course will provide opportunities to network with other business owners and build capacity in how to use sustainability-focused methods to improve your business.

During the course, you will develop a tailored pathway to drive circular business outcomes.

Each participant will receive:

  • one-on-one consultation support
  • a Certificate of Completion
  • online credentials to update your LinkedIn profile and promote to your customers

Sustainable Stonnington

Go Full Circle aligns with the priorities and objectives of the:

  • City of Stonnington Climate Emergency Action Plan 2021-24
  • Sustainable Environment Strategy 2018-23
  • Towards a Circular Economy: Our Future Waste Strategy 2022-25.

Find out more about Council's sustainability commitments.

Get in contact

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, email our Business Concierge businessconcierge@stonnington.vic.gov.au