Untitled, Be Free

Section of the artwork: The older girl sits holding an umbrella in the rain as she looks pensive with closed eyes

Two girls walk in the rain with a watering can

About the artist

Be Free is a Melbourne-based street artist who blends collage, stencil and lino-cut techniques with text-based graffiti and spray painting style. The little girl who keeps popping up in Be Free's signature pieces is a fun-filled character who waters plants, scribbles on walls and makes mess with paint.

Be Free's works can be found in streets in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide, as well as in Spain, New Zealand and the United States.

About the work

The whimsical work on the wall of the Princes Close Childcare Centre depicts two girls enjoying a typical rainy Melbourne day. The girls, holding an umbrella and watering can, appear to be busy watering ever-growing sunflowers in gumboots and raincoats. Be Free uses a paint splatter technique to effectively resemble pouring rain, puddles and raindrops.

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