Vehicle crossings

Under the City of Stonnington General Local Law 2018, you need a permit for any new or changed vehicle crossing or footpath. This includes:

  • reinstate
  • repair
  • remove
  • install. 

This permit also relates to applications for reinstatement (repairs) to damaged sections of land on a private property frontage, such as footpath, laneway, kerb & channel or road.

For arterial roads, consent is required from VicRoads. A planning permit issued by Council's Planning Unit is required to address the suitability of the proposal.

Apply for a permit

Vehicle Crossing Permit

Apply online

Apply for a Vehicle Crossing permit online

Apply in writing

You'll need to provide a:

  • completed application form(DOCX, 418KB)
  • fully scaled detailed site plan indicating the size and site of the crossover. The plan should also include physical constraints such as pits, poles, drainage points, street trees and any existing or redundant vehicle crossovers to the subject site.

Applications take a minimum of eight weeks to assess, provided no further information or changes are required. Please submit your application well in advance, as there are often longer assessment periods required.

A Council Officer will make site inspections prior to pouring and for a final inspection. Works must not commence without a permit being issued.

Before applying, find all the information in Council's Vehicle Crossing policy(PDF, 484KB).

Temporary Vehicle Crossing permit

A permit is required under the City of Stonnington General Local Law 2018 to place a temporary vehicle crossing.

We require an insurance certificate of currency, covering the applicant for a minimum of $20 million for Public Liability.

Apply online

Apply for a Temporary Vehicle Crossing online

Apply in writing

Download, complete and submit the Temporary Vehicle Crossing application form(DOCX, 136KB).


  • Permanent: $359.30
  • Temporary (3 months): $142.20
  • Fast track fee (subject to approval and eligibility): $300

More information

For more information and questions, contact us by phoning 03 8290 1333 or email