Making changes to permits, plans and timeframes

Once we’ve given a planning permit, planners can ask to make changes to the following details in those plans:

  • permit
  • plans
  • timeframes.

Requesting an amendment

Depending on the amendment, your request will have:

  • a different name, and
  • different rules you need to follow.

Council has 60 days to make a decision on those changes.

This is the same timeframe as new permit applications.

Section 72 amendment request

If your change affects:

  • the preamble (the reason for the permit), or
  • permit conditions

you must put in a Section 72 amendment.

(The name comes from the related part of the Planning and Environment Act.)

You may need to advertise Section 72 amendments to neighbours and other relevant people.

Secondary Consent amendment request

If you’re making small changes to endorsed plans, you can ask Council with a Secondary Consent amendment request. 

Secondary Consent requests are mostly about changes under Condition 2 of the permit.

In general, Condition 2 says you can't change plans unless the responsible authority agrees to this in writing.

A Secondary Consent amendment request asks for this.

Plans to Comply

Many planning permits require Plans to Comply(PDF, 150KB) (amended plans) be submitted, to meet the specific requirements of permit conditions, like Condition 1 and others.

Before you can start works approved by the permit:

  • you must provide them, and
  • Council must approve them.

Extension of Time

You can also ask for an Extension of Time (change timeframes) to start and finish planned works that have a permit.

How do I change something?

Before changing anything, write to the responsible authority (usually Council) to ask to amend your permit.

Include the amendment fee when you make this request.

It’s important that you:

  • clearly show any changes on the plans
  • make sure plans are the same scale, and
  • include a list of the changes.  

Submit your request online

You can submit the following requests online via our ePlanning portal:

  • amendment submissions
  • Plans to Comply, and
  • Extension of Time requests

Submit your request online

Submit your request in writing

Use the amendment form to ask for:

  • amendments to permits and relevant plans
  • a Secondary Consent request for changes to the endorsed plans
  • plans to follow permit conditions

Download the amendment form(PDF, 278KB)

Use the extension of time form to ask for:

  • a request for extension of time to start and finish a permitted development

Download the extension of time form(PDF, 302KB)

Can I revise a submission after I’ve amended it?

Yes, you can.

If you want to revise your amended plan:

  • fill out a Revised Amendment Declaration form, and
  • pay any fees that apply.

We can't assess the revisions until you do this.

You can find this form on the ePlanning portal, or download it(PDF, 264KB)

Revise your submission via ePlanning