Animal shelter

City of Stonnington’s animal shelter provides care for lost and found animals and helps reconnect pets with their owners.

The shelter is operated by the Save-A-Dog Scheme (SADS). SADS is a not-for-profit animal welfare organisation that rehomes pets into caring homes.

Lost and found animals

For lost and found animals, contact the Save-A-Dog-Scheme directly:

If your pet is found and taken to the shelter you will need to pay a release fee upon collection.

Release fee: $159

Adopt a pet

Looking for a new pet? Consider adopting a cat or dog. Visit Save-A-Dog-Scheme for more information or to view animals available for adoption.

Your pet registration fee will be subsidised by $5 in the first year if you adopt a pet from a not-for-profit animal welfare organisation. You will need to provide proof of purchase.

Foster a cat or dog

Fostering a cat or dog is a great way to enjoy animal companionship without the long-term commitment. Fostering provides animals a stable and caring environment while a forever home is found.

Visit Save-A-Dog-Scheme for more information on fostering an animal in need.


Save-A-Dog Scheme, 36 Weir Street, Malvern