Reporting concerns

We encourage you to report any concerns about pets and animals to ensure a safer community for all.

Our Animal Management Unit investigates concerns regarding:

  • nuisance animals
  • dog wandering or not securely confined to their property
  • dogs not complying with the Council Order in designated areas or reserves
  • dog owners not cleaning up after their dog
  • cats straying onto private property without permission of the owner
  • barking/nuisance noise 
  • keeping of extra animals
  • area in which the animal is kept is not thoroughly cleaned or kept sanitary
  • bee or wasp nest on public/Council property
  • person feeding or encouraging the presence of feral or stray animals
  • boundary fencing not adequate to keep the dog within the boundaries of the land.

Contact information

If you have concerns regarding nuisance animals or animal welfare please contact our Animal Management Unit: