Public Art Walk

Enjoy public art on your daily walk

Get a glimpse at the public artworks in Prahran, Windsor and South Yarra, by following this suggested art walk.

Duration: This walk can be completed in 2 parts. The full version takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes (depending on your walking speed) and is approximately 4 km in length.

There is plenty of artworks to discover, this walk highlights a few. Share the artworks you find with us by using the hashtag #artinstonnington and #stonningtonartwalk on social media.

Suggested walking route to follow

  1. Begin the walk at Prahran Square. Here you can take in the three pieces within the urban space, ­Ringform No.1 and No.2 by Jamie North, Murnalong by Dr. Fiona Foley and The Pipes by RAMUS Illumination.
  2. Head south to the Chatham Street and Izett Street corner of the square. Walk down Izett Street and onto St Edmonds Road until you reach High Street. Cross at the lights and on this corner you will find a traffic light signal box. This is one of many boxes scattered throughout Stonnington as part of our Middle Years, and Youth Services program.
  3. Turning left to head along High Street towards Chapel Street. Once at Chapel Street turn right and walk down Chapel Street towards Windsor train station. ­What artworks can you find along the way?
  4. Continue on until Windsor Station. ­Here you will see That's Life by Peter D Cole.
  5. Head back to Chapel Street and cross safely at the lights out front of Windsor station. Walk back up Chapel Street towards Prahran until you get to Kings Street.
  6. From King Street look across the road to the Prahran Town Hall and Greville Street. Here you will see a mural completed by Esther Olsson is on the side of the building is best viewed from this spot. At this point, you may like to take a break, grab a coffee or head back to Prahran Square to finish the walk another time.
  7. Otherwise turning into King Street look up to see the Kings Walk by Helen O'Connor from Thurley Fashion House. At the roundabout turn left to walk along Little Chapel Street. Continue on Little Chapel Street and stumble across Princess Close Childcare Centre. ­On the wall facing Little Chapel Street is a mural by Be Free.
  8. Going a little bit further along Little Chapel Street you will find Chapel Off Chapel. Chapel Off Chapel is City of Stonnington premium live performance venue. With parking available at Prahran Square, Kings Street Car Park and Elizabeth Street, you‘ll be able to grab a show any time, once restrictions ease.
  9. Once at Malvern Road turn left, crossing safely at the lights you’ll come across another traffic signal box. Continue back to Chapel Street, cross at the lights and head right towards South Yarra.
  10. At Grosvenor Street turn left and you’ll come across Grosvenor Street Reserve. Within the Reserve you’ll find Muscle Boy by David Bromley. Once complete head along Grosvenor Street away from Chapel Street and turn left on Balmoral Street.
  11. Follow Balmoral Street and cross Comerical Road at the lights to head down Porter Street. ­You can’t miss the mural by Sugar at 55 Porter Street. Which dog is your favourite?
  12. Walk through the pocket park and head along Hinton Lane in the distance you will see The Pipes of Prahran Square.  Walkthrough Grattan Gardens back to the square.
  13. Back at Prahran Square there are many places to sit and contemplate the artworks seen along the way. You can also discover what the surrounding businesses have on offer.