Drop off waste at the Waste Transfer Station

Use the Waste Transfer Station to drop off many types of waste. As well as household rubbish, recycling and green waste, it’s useful for dropping off items that can't go into your bins at home.

Accepted items

Some of the items we accept include:

  • batteries (car and household)
  • beds, bed bases and mattresses
  • boxes and cardboard
  • building materials including bricks, concrete, dirt and metal
  • e-waste
  • general rubbish
  • green waste
  • household appliances and furniture.

View a full list of accepted items in our waste and recycling guide.

Items not accepted

We cannot accept the following items:

  • asbestos (for alternative options, visit EPA)
  • gas bottles or cylinders
  • hazardous waste and chemicals (for alternative options, visit Detox Your Home, Business Recycling or ChemClear)
  • medical waste
  • medium density fibreboard (MDF) chip and floorboards
  • paint (for alternative options, visit Paintback)
  • timber (treated wood, planks, fences or kitchen cabinetry)
  • tyres.

Use our waste and recycling guide to find alternative disposal options.


The fees depends on:

  • whether you're a resident or not
  • the type of waste
  • the vehicle you bring it in.

Use the below fees as a guide only. The weighbridge operator will let you know the final fee when you arrive.

No matter how much waste you bring, you will be charged a minimum fee of $29 for residents and $38 for non-residents.

Fees are changed based on whether the load is level with the side of the trailer or less. You'll be charged per cubic metre for a bigger load or caged trailers.

General waste

General waste Resident Non-resident or commercial
Car boot load $29 $38
Station wagon $55 $69
Single axle trailer* $84 $112
Tandem trailer* $171 $193
Commercial garbage per tonne $273 $273
Per cubic metre $107 $134

Green waste fees

Green waste Resident Non-resident or commercial
Car boot load $11 $18
Station wagon $18 $38
Single axle trailer $29 $50
Tandem trailer $57 $79
Per cubic metre $34 $52

Building materials and mattress fees

Other Resident Non-resident or commercial
Dirt, bricks, concrete, building rubble - per tonne $273 $273

Mattress/base - per item

$43 $52
Metal - per tonne Free $26

Free of charge

The following items are free of charge:

  • batteries (household and car)
  • CDs, DVDs, VHS, cassette tapes and cases
  • e-waste
  • fluoro tubes
  • glass bottles and jars
  • light globes
  • mobile phones
  • motor oil (20 litre limit)
  • paper and cardboard (domestic quantity)
  • x-rays.

Stonnington Recycling Stations

You can dispose small recyclable electronic waste at one of our Stonnington Recycling Stations for free. Please remove your personal data from the items beforehand.