Heritage Guidelines & Overlays

Heritage guidelines

Protecting the parts of our environment - built and natural - that tell us so much about our history and contribute crucially to our culture is critically important. That’s why Council has adopted Heritage Design Guidelines(PDF, 6MB), which act as a reference document to the Stonnington Planning Scheme.

The Heritage Policy and Guidelines provide greater clarity and guidance to property owners considering new development of heritage properties. They contain Council’s desired outcomes for development of land within the Heritage Overlay and guide Council’s decision making on planning permit applications. The policy and guidelines help permit applicants to understand whether a proposal within the Heritage Overlay is likely to be supported.

Heritage Overlays

A Heritage Overlay is a planning protection that Council grants to properties or precincts with local significance.

Each Heritage Overlay citation provides a history, description and reasons the place is an important part of Stonnington’s heritage. Citations for individual heritage places and heritage precincts in the City of Stonnington are now available directly from the Victorian Heritage Database.

Use these step by step instructions(PDF, 170KB) to help you find the Heritage Overlay or address you’re looking for on the Victorian Heritage Database.