Get to know Stonnington

The City of Stonnington is home to some of Melbourne's most recognisable and visited retail, lifestyle, and business precincts, each with its own distinctive character.

Stonnington's shopping precincts actively market and promote our city as a vibrant place to be and invest.

Economic profile

Find full stats and figures on Stonnington's economic profile.

Community profile

Get to know our community, how it looks today and what it's predicted to be like in the future. Find out our population, who we are, where we're from, what we do and how we live. Discover our community profile.

Business plans and strategies

Local business and the community are important to us and creating a vibrant city we can all love. That's why we've created the Place-Led Economic Development Strategy to support and grow business in Stonnington.

The strategy:

  • outlines how we work with local businesses to support economic growth in Stonnington
  • seeks your feedback to guide Stonnington's business pathway into the future.