Heritage guidelines and overlays

Find out how we protect important local places, including information on heritage overlays.

Heritage Guidelines

Parts of our built and natural environment tell us about our history. They also contribute to our culture.

That's why it's so important to protect them.

Council has Heritage Design Guidelines(PDF, 6MB). These are a reference document for the Stonnington Planning Scheme.

Heritage Overlays

Heritage Overlays help Council protect locally important properties or areas.

The citations explain the history, description and reasons why a place is important to our heritage.

You can find citations for individual heritage places and areas in the City of Stonnington in the Victorian Heritage Database.

To find the Heritage Overlay or address on the Victorian Heritage Database, follow the Heritage Database step-by-step instructions(PDF, 170KB).

Planning permit applications

If a heritage property owner wants to develop the property, the Heritage Policy and Guidelines help to guide them.

They explain how Council decides on planning permit applications for heritage properties.

The Policy and Guidelines help you understand whether Council is likely to support proposals within Heritage Overlays.

For more information on preparing the required information for a planning permit application, view our Heritage Overlay for minor works(PDF, 375KB) planning guide.

Helpful links

This is a guide to Victoria's residential architectural styles produced by Heritage Victoria and the Victorian Building Authority.  

Heritage Victoria is located within the Department of Planning and Community Development. It supports the Heritage Council through research, recommends additions to the Register and issues permits for alterations to heritage places.